Invictus Icy Cool Frosted Finish Acrylic 40-Hole Landscape Empty Display

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Invictus Icy Cool Frosted Finish Acrylic 40-Hole Landscape Empty Display. Capacity:  40Pcs. Accommodates  Threaded and Threadless Tops as well as Bar products such as Navel, Circular, CBR’s , and Segments. Dimensions:  6" Length by 8" Width by 1 1/16" Height. Display sold empty. Jewelry on the display is just included for presentation. Adapters are shipped with the display to accommodate different jewelry types. Ask us how you can get the displays at no charge.

The new Universal Invictus Displays for our lines of body piercing jewelry are the perfect choice for a showcase with an upscale look. They are versatile enough to display all categories of Invictus Body Jewelry, such as threadless, internally threaded, and nostril jewelry - all by utilizing the included BJCLIP or Top Clip. Each display, which features a high-end clear frosted finish and can be used standing up or laying down to create multiple looks in your case. Mix and match the five different sizes to hold your entire Invictus Body Jewelry collection as part of a clean, aesthetically pleasing showcase. Our new Simulator Wand is made to assist customers and help them choose the perfect body jewelry. The long, clear wand holds any style of jewelry, and enables piercers and their clients to see what a specific piercing and/or piece of jewelry will look like. One end uses the BJCLIP to hold complete jewelry pieces while the other end is used to display tops. Utilizing the Simulator Wand ensures a better piercing experience for indecisive clients.

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INVTDISP-2040B 6" (L) x 8" (W) x 1 1/16" (H) Sign In to view price In Stock